donderdag 10 april 2008

Vledderhof the sequel

Vledderhof het vervolg. Ineke was zó enthousiast over de foto's en de leuke reacties dat ze direct meer foto's is gaan nemen. En ik kan niet anders zeggen dan dat ik ze met heel veel trots op mijn blog plaats. Lekker veel plaatjes, jullie zullen er het hele weekend mee moeten doen want ik ben druk druk druk. Tot maandag. Fijn weekend.
(Vledderhof the sequel. Ineke was só enthousiastic about the pictures on the blog that she directly started to make more photo's of her house. And what else can I say, with great pride I put them on my blog. These pictures are só inspiring. Lots of pictures because that's all you get for the weekend. I am busy busy busy, see you on monday. Have a great weekend).

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les fifoles zei

Busy, busy, busy...we wonder why you are so busy. Yvonne, don't you think you should rest a little bit? 8 hours per night! have to choose now between celibrity and health (I've slept 10 hours, poor me).
Have a nice evening and don't drink too much coffee.
Talk to you tomorrow if you're awake...

Moderncountry zei

Yes, they are very beautiful! Such a lovely house. Filled with unique and characteristic elements. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!

And thank you so much for beeing such a good blogfriend :))

Hug Aina

Jema Rose zei

A totally stunning home!!!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Love, jenny


Lilla Blanka zei

Hello Yvonne!
Oh...I love your livingroom,it´s absolutely beautiful! Just like your whole it seems :)
PS Yes the grapes and tomatoes is from last summer

vosgesparis zei

yeahh great pictures once more we are both putting up pictures of someone elses place/shop.. Ineke and myself we have the same statue of the madonna and the child.
have a good weekend, I read somewhere you got 8 hours of sleep tonight tsss I only got like 6 , need to sleeeppp and not reading blogs

stadtgarten zei

What a lovely house. Thank you for posting all these pictures!
Have a nice weekend, groetjes, Monika

Country French Antiques zei

I Love Ineke's house!! Everything!!
I also have a draper's table like the one in the dining room!
Love her taste!! I want it!
Thanks for the photos

Nadine von zei

Hi Yvonne,
I found your blog via Anne and I really like the photos of your wonderful home.
We are planning our summer holidays by the sea in Belgium and now I know that we have to go there at the 6th of July or the 3rd of August ;-)
Have a nice day and a wonderful weekend,

Mrs.French zei

Thank you so much for the extra photos! Have a lovely weekend!

Ada och Emil zei

You have very beautiful blogg...great pictures :)

A-M zei

Greetings from Australia. You have such a beautiful blog. I am designing and building a new home and I am so inspired by your beautiful photos. May I please link your site to mine?
Best Wishes, A-M

Rose zei

Hello, your pictures are beautiful and your living room is so much beautiful. Have nice weekend !

anu zei

Oh so lovely!!!i like all the pictures!So peacefull beauti!
Have a great weekend!

lily-g zei

Hi Yvonne,
i just love library's with books on both sides of the doorway such a great use of space and looks great too! us blogging girls seem to blog at all hours i'm actually at the hong kong airport waiting for my flight home to Australia,I seriously have a blogging problem!
keep up the great blog

jeanette zei

wat weer een geweldige foto`s, hier kan ik het zeker het weekend wel mee doen, nog bedankt voor je beterschap berichtje ennehhh...hoe was het in edam???

Marianne zei

Prachtig huis, zeer geslaagde styling. Foto´s om bij weg te dromen. Mooi hoor!
Fijn weekend en succes met al je drukte. Marianne

Sanctuary zei

Such a beautiful, special house! I love the library room! Take care and thank you for posting, S x

Annalunda zei

A really beautiful home...I like it a lot! I hope your weekend hasn´t been tooo busy... take care Yvonne!
Thanks for your always nice and sweet comments at Annalunda!

Love Annie

lille-bille zei

What a beautiful home! You have a great talent to decorate and arrange the things. Your pictures are perfect. Found your blog over vosges paris! I´m a new "blogger", maybe you will find the time to visit belle-blanc. Greetings Mira!

Making it lovely zei

So many beautiful pictures. And the details you have in your home, wow!
Have a good week!

Jema Rose zei

Hello! Ik wilde enkel proberen om aan u in uw eigen taal te schrijven! Ik gebruikte een automtic vertaler op Internet, zodat zou ik het niet perfect kunnen gekregen hebben... heb een mooie week! Liefde, Jenny

Lilith zei

What a lovely blog you have! Enjoyed having a look at all the wonderful pictures! :)

casa nostra zei

wat een prachtige foto's weer. dat is echt genieten.

FrenchGardenHouse zei

Wat een schitterend huis van Ineke! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images with us. Stunning.
xo Lidy

Brimstone zei

Wat leuk dat ik via jouw log binnen kan kijken bij de Vledderhof! Het is echt heel smaakvol ingericht.

Ik heb onlangs ook een log gemaakt over de Vledderhof

Mijn log ging vooral over het landgoed, dat is ook zo enorm mooi.

Anoniem zei